SUV System is a company specializing in the sales of electronic components. Our company has offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and have our own product warehouse. We sell electronic components of well-known brands and we have cooperative relations with domestic and national factories, holding agency certificates for many brands.
SUV System has strict standards and requirements for quality management and has obtained ESD, ISO9001ISO14001, ISO45001, and ISO13485 quality management certifications. We have original and authentic products, fast delivery, stock, a 365-day warranty, free testing before shipment, free testing samples, and other services to customers. Our goal has always been to provide customers with the best electronic components.
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Through Third-Party certification, we strictly control the quality of products and services.
The ESD standard is ANSI/ESDS20.20, which is an American standard and is popular in North America, Europe and Asia. The ESD20.20 standard is a manufacturer-approved standard fully promoted by ESDA (Electrostatic Discharge Protection Association),which is composed of manufacturers and users of electronic components.
The ISO9001 quality management system certification standard is a summary of the development of management theory and practice in many countries, especially developed countries, over the years. It embodies a management philosophy and quality management methods and models, and has been adopted by more than 100 countries and regions in the world.
ISO 14001 is internationally recognized as the leading environmental management system (EMS) standard for organizations of all sizes. By supporting environmental protection, preventing pollution, reducing waste, and lowering energy and material consumption, the ISO 14001 standard provides a systematic framework for integrating environmental management practices.
The ISO 45001 standard aims to prevent the occurrence of health diseases and work-related injuries and provide a safe and healthy workplace. As a global standard, the ISO 45001 standard is applicable to various fields and different political, economic, business and social environments.
The ISO 13485 standard is implementable by medical device organizations and is the most widely recognized model internationally to help demonstrate an organization's compliance with the laws and regulations of the medical device industry. ISO 13485, as a QMS standard, is regarded as the basis for the EU medical device directives and regulations and the UK UKCA certification.